DashinglyTurnham x SouthernChicStyle

Today, I'm collaborating with lifestyle digital influencer, SouthernChicStyle. As usual, I asked her JP's 3, photographed her & discussed why her outfit makes a fashment.

JP's 3

Question 1: What's your favorite southern saying you cannot live without?

SouthernChicStyle: I always say “I’m fixin to”, which means I’ll get to it. My mother was from Georgia and when I say it, I feel like I’ll always have a piece of her in me.

Question 2: What's can viewers expect to see on your monthly blog posts on clickAllen.com in 2 weeks?

SouthernChicStyle: I’m thrilled to be working with clickAllen.com, expect to learn where to best brunch at, lounge, foodie hot spots, etc. Essentially I’ll be the fun, go to person for Allen.

Question 3: In what ways can a woman become more southern style chic like you?

SouthernChicStyle: I would say it’s a way of living, a lifestyle. Being a Southern woman, you appreciate quality vs quantity time, putting family first and making the most of the time with the people you love.

Top: InstyleAuctions

Jean: Lucky

Shoes : Franco Sarto

Clutch: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: American Eagle

Hat: ChicStyleUtah

Bracelets: TrendingAbove

Earrings: Macys


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Photos taken by : blink_300m_photography