DashinglyTurnham x LittleMixico


Today, I'm collaborating with skincare/make-up maven, Dani Rios. As usual, I asked her JP's 3, photographed her & discussed why her outfit makes a fashment.

JP's 3

Question 1: What's your go-to mantra in life?

LittleMixico: My go-to mantra is “Pray, hustle, repeat”. I’m a Christian, I believe my faith has gotten me where I am today. You should always hustle and go after what you want, and repeat that mentality always.

Question 2: I understand it was your first time in NYC & you went for NYFW, how was your experience? Also, who was in your opinion the best dressed in NYFW?

LittleMixico: New York City is amazing, New Yorker’s know how to dress, and it inspired me to dress better, be better and do better. The highlight of my trip was when I saw one of my favorite chefs, Wylie Dufresne at a donut shop and he waved at me! There were two people who I felt was best dressed, Sazan Hendrix and Angelica Blick. Sazan has stuck with her style beautifully while she’s pregnant. Angelica has a similar style like myself, her cool street looks during NYFW were gorgeous.

Question 3: I consider you a skincare/make-up maven, tell us about your routine & any new products that you've fallen in love with?

LittleMixico: My routine is short, less the better, I love doing the vampire facial from Novopelle Med Spa. The vampire facial helps with acne-scarring, preventing wrinkles and build collagen. I do love to get regular facials and use a cleanser daily. As far as new products, you should check out Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. The product helps make the spot go away if you pop a pimple, plus it’s affordable.

Jumpsuit: Ten.Minutes.Late

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Heels : Aldo


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Photos were taken by : blink_300m_photography